Burnt Orange

burnt orange

HEX: #BF5700
HSV: (27°, 100%, 75%)
RGB: rgb(191, 87, 0)
Burnt orange has been used as a color name for this medium dark shade of orange since 1915.
This color is one variation that is used as a school color of The University of Texas at Austin, Auburn University, and Virginia Tech.
Burnt orange is not a standard color; for example, it is defined differently by Auburn University and the University of Texas at Austin. The National Hockey League's San Jose Sharks use burnt orange as a secondary color, and it is one of three colors of the National Football League's Cleveland Browns. The Chicago Bears also use it as an alternate color.
Burnt orange was used by the University of Montana prior to 1996 and Oklahoma State University for its football uniforms from 1973 through 1983.
Burnt orange was popular in interior design in the 1970s.
Burnt orange is also used to colour cylinders filled with the refrigerant R407C.